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Corporate Taxes

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Don't fall victim to any scheme that offers instant wealth or exemption from your obligation as a taxpayer to file required tax returns and/or pay taxes.  The emotional and financial distress is downright devastating to victims of these scams...

The IRS scrutinizes corporate tax returns more often than not. 

"What happens to the business when corporate tax returns are discovered to be fraudulent or erroneous?"

The IRS has a corporate fraud program that concentrates on violations of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and related statutes committed by publicly traded (or private) corporations, and/or by their senior executives.  These schemes are characterized by their scope, complexity, and the magnitude of the negative economic consequences for communities, employees, lenders, investors, and financial markets.  Most corporate fraud investigations are joint efforts involving many federal agencies. Most corporate fraud will lead to imprisonment and hefty fines.   Even unintentional errors could sometimes lead to severe tax penalties.   Can you afford this?

We help you with these key issues -

  • Keeping it accurate. If your corporate income tax return is prepared incorrectly, Bumac Tax will pay the IRS penalties.  How can we make such a statement?  We know taxation, and we know taxes. 

  • Who's the boss? Management and ownership are not one and the same. If it is, you could already be in tax problems without realizing it.  Ignorance of the tax laws is not an acceptable excuse for the IRS.  We work with you, we will also educate you to avoid the error of "comingling."

  • Making it fair. Family ownership of a business often adds a tremendous amount of stress to individual family members, especially when the tax man cometh.   We talk with each of the family members to ensure that they feel they are getting an equitable and fair share of the pie.

What we do for you...

Once we understand how your business works and how you feel about the key issues above, we prepare your corporate tax return accurately. 

Let us help you maintain and grow what's taken a lifetime to build by requesting a Free Consultation below.

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